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Increase Female Sex Drive

Have you lost your interest in sex these days? Well, you are not alone. In fact, this is one of the most common female sexual problems. About 40 percent of all women complain of low sex drive at some point in their lives. And because female sex drive is much more complex and harder to define than male sex drive, it has been harder to find a solution to control its dips and rises.

Even researchers disagree about how female sex drive should be measured. Medically speaking, if you lack desire for sexual activity or even sexual fantasies for some period of time, then you have hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

But how can you measure your interest in sex? After all, every woman has her own views about the number of times she should have sex. Besides, since female sexual desire directly correlates to both physical and psychological factors like illnesses, menopause, relationship status, etc., it is perfectly normal for female sex drive to drop and increase over time.

Thus, instead of examining medical definitions, examine how your recurrent lack of interest in sex makes you feel and whether it causes you personal distress. If a low sex drive or decreased sex drive bothers you, or if you are not interested in sex as much as you would want to be, you don’t have to put up with your low libido. There are certain lifestyle changes, sex techniques and medications (such as libido enhancement pills) that can make you interested in sex more often.

Causes for Low Sex Drive in Women

As we already mentioned, female sex drive is influenced by many factors, not only physical, but psychological and emotional too. Here are some of the possible causes of low sex drive:

Physical causes:

Psychological causes:

These are some of the factors contributing to the loss of sex drive. The first step to the solution of every problem is finding what causes it. Therefore, in order to take adequate measures towards improving your sex drive you should first carefully examine what is causing its drop. Then you can proceed to applying the right treatment.

Often however, the reason for loss of female sex drive is complex and is influenced by many factors. Effective female sex drive enhancement pills like HerSolution turn out to be a great solution in such cases.

Get Back Your Lacking Sex Drive

Feeling blue? – Get happy.

Depression and stress are the major culprits when it comes to diminished interest in sex. The demands of juggling work and family, daily hassles, and taking care of financial problems can be really stressful and drain your libido. Additionally, many medications that are prescribed to treat depression or anxiety have the effect of killing your sex drive.

Thus, if you want to keep your sex drive high, you should try to change your lifestyle. Find ways to cope with stress and bring extra joy to your world. You should also probably add regular exercise into your day. It can increase your stamina, elevate your mood and self-esteem and enhance your libido.

Cut down on the cocktails and meds.

There are too many prescription medications that can cause your sexual desire to fizzle. Therefore, if you are taking any meds and you think that they are to blame for your lack of sexual interest, talk to your doctor about possible alternative treatments that will not have this negative effect.

In addition, whereas a small amount of alcohol may help in lowering your sexual inhibitions, excessive drinking can just spoil your sex life. It will not only reduce your sex drive but also reduce your blood flow causing your vaginal secretions to dry up. Thus, you should consume alcohol in moderation to make sure your sex drive or performance does not suffer.

Find cure on a pill?

Since the success of Viagra for men who suffer with erectile dysfunction is well known, women often search for their “female Viagra” version to restore their lost sex drive. Yet, male sex drive is considered mainly a physical problem, whereas female sex drive is more complex. Therefore, simply increasing blood flow to the sexual organs (which is how Viagra works) will not solve the problem for every woman.

However, there are other treatments available that show really promising results in women’s sexual arousal and interest in sex.

One of them is natural libido enhancement pills. Quality herbal libido enhancers, such as HerSolution aim not only at increasing blood flow to the genitals but also at speeding arousal, improving foreplay, intensifying sexual sensation, and promoting fertility. Thus, they help women restore their sex drive not only when the causes for its loss are physical, but also when the impediments to a normal sex life are psychological.

female sex drive enhancer

How does HerSolution Improve Female Sex Drive?

Every ingredient of HerSolution is specially selected for its proven abilities to promote sexual and reproductive health, and included in a well-balanced, unique formula to provide the following results:

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